A Bit About Us

In 2010 we began advertising our new discoveries and inventions in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines as well as Popular Electronics. The response was overwhelming! The world was fascinated by our research and innovations. We continued to further research and resources to advance, innovate and design new energy alternative devices. To free Americans from the power, gas and oil companies at large. It is our goal and mission to make this research accessible to just about anyone at our own skill level. The company is now working on a 10K watt generator to replace coal burning power plants in 3rd world countries.

These 10 years we have made many new and amazing discoveries that led them into designing super high efficiency motor/generator coils. These coils when used in a motor configuration stay cool to the touch – unlike conventional electric motor coils that get very hot during operation. Heat is a great loss of energy and was always a big problem for motor designers, but we discoveries have over come this problem!

Meet The Team

We Produce Electricity Without Fuel –

R.A Niloy

R.A Niloy
Founder & Managing Director