• Produces electricity without any type of fuel.
  • No heating problem and maintenance-free.
  • Available in single-phase and three-phase with 50/60 HZ.
  • Fully Digital controlled with push-start ON/OFF system.
  • Emergency security system.
  • No disturbing noise
  • Able to run  24/7 nonstop.

Energy Solution

We have been researching magnetic system for motor and generator technology for the last 10 years. we have been researching different ways to produce electricity for home’s and to be affordable for the average home owner. We are very excited about our most recent invention!

Alternative Motor – Generator Technology for Home and Business!

Build it yourself using our step by step plans or let us build it for you.  We got 1000+ satisfied customers. We will continue and produce amazing updates for our customer base.

About Us

Our History

In 2010, we began advertising our new discoveries and inventions in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines as well as Popular Electronics. The response was overwhelming! The world was fascinated by our research and innovations. We continued to further research and resources to advance, innovate and design new energy alternative devices. To free Americans from the power, gas, and oil companies at large. It is our goal and mission to make this research accessible to just about anyone at our own skill level. The company is now working on a 10K watt generator to replace coal-burning power plants in 3rd world countries.

These 10 years we have made many new and amazing discoveries that led them to design super high-efficiency motor/generator coils. These coils when used in a motor configuration stay cool to the touch – unlike conventional electric motor coils that get very hot during operation. Heat is a great loss of energy and was always a big problem for motor designers, but our discoveries have overcome this problem!

The next step was to design the entire motor to be as highly efficient as possible. By using very powerful N52 Neodymium Permanent Magnets as a 30 to 40-year fuel source, and placing them in a very special configuration around the motor/generator coils – A new and powerful Motor / Generator was then born! They are now using the free energy power from the magnets to turn the motor shaft to do work! You could say the magnets are being used as fuel rods.       

Trust. Integrity. Reliability.

Client relationships are based on trust. We build trust by exceeding client expectations. We work as a partner providing what clients need to reach their goals. Clients understand that their success is our success.

In providing a service of quality for which clients never hesitate to pay the invoice. They know we’ve provided an excellent product and are receiving it at a fair price and timely.

Flexibility. Collaboration. Communication.

Keeping projects on task and on schedule is essential. We actively seek clients who are as motivated as we are to complete their projects in a timely manner. We stay true to our development process and yet flexible to the flow of each client.

Respect will be awarded to those with a backbone. We hold firm in our values and seek knowledge from every experience. We are respectful to others and expect the same in return.                                                                             

Skill. Performance. Pride.

Quality design work is a privilege that should be sought after by all businesses both big and small. Designs that do not accurately reflect the personality of a business are worse than no designs at all.

Design and Products should be a well thought out purposeful piece of art. We design electrical and mechanical diagram plans, electrical motors, generators and we also work for renewable energy. Our team works really hard to deliver a perfect output for the clients.

What you will get from us

If you take only one thing away from our website, make it this – you can (dramatically) improve your advertising and marketing performance by more accurately tracking every single strategy you employ – even if your only strategy is your website.

When speaking to business owners and prospective customers, it’s quite common to hear them tell us that they already track everything by asking their prospective clients the infamous “How did you hear about us?” question. Hmmm. The 70%-80% answer to this question is they appreciate our works what we gave to them.

                                          Our Mission

In our team, about 30+ members work for innovation and project development. We all researching to establish hydrogen as a future fuel, more efficient fuelless generator, solar wind combined electric generator, electric vehicles, and industrial electrical component development. Hopefully, within the next 5 years, we will achieve our expected goal to be placed world’s 1st ENERGY SOLUTION COMPANY.  

Our Services

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Here you will get the Diagram package of our Innovations

  • Equipment List

  • Block Diagram

  • Mechanical Diagram

  • Wiring Diagram

  • The working procedure

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